Hi, first let me say thanks for checking out my serial novels.


Below you will find a description of each of my serial novel series.


They are posted monthly and consist of about ten handwritten pages, which equates to about five typed pages.


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Posted on the 15th of every month, this serial novel is a mix of dystopian future, military sci-fi.  Each season furthers the evolution of the resistance against an alien race that has enslaved mankind, starting from just a group of 5 soldiers that wake up from stasis into an unknown world to the growth of the revolution onto other planets.

Double Deal Discount

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The Double Deal Discount gives you both the sci-fi serial novel and the fantasy serial novel at only $1.75.

Just click on the subscriber link to whichever series you want to read.

The Valley of Yeshen

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Posted on the 1st of every month, this serial novel follows the epic journey and subsequent adventures of a small band of warriors as they set out on a mission to save their priest-king and in the process begin a war. The first season tells the story of how the war gets started and the next few seasons further the story.