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My name is C. J. Korryn. I am a fiction and Christian fiction writer of novels, short stories, and flash fiction.

You can find out more about my fiction by clicking HERE


Thanks for checking out my website.

  I do not limit myself to just one genre, so if you do decide to become a subscriber, you may have the opportunity to read several different genres.

Writing has been a passion of mine since I was a freshman in high school when I had to write a fiction story using vocabulary words.  I have never stopped writing since

I have several Christian fiction books published and am now working on publishing several more Christian fiction as well as mainstream fiction books. Chris Jackson is my real name, but I have decided to publish under C.J. Korryn so that it is easier to find me on social media platforms. 

I also have a blog and vlog geared specifically towards the Christian and Christian writer.

Connect with me on social media, if you like: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, my blog, etc.

Again, thank you for checking out my serial novels. I hope you like them. 

C. J. Korryn
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